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About Us


LangeRug is located in the Koeberg. As early as 1655 a journey by Jan Wintervogel was undertaken through this region in the direction of the “Swarte Land” (Today known as Malmesbury area). The Koeberg region soon became known for its fertile land which was only 3 and a half hours by horseback from Table Bay. On an old map from 1661 well-known names such as De Koebergen, Dassenberg, Blauwenberg and De Diep Rivier (nowadays Salt River) can be found. All these places still exist in the Koeberg today.

In 1657 land was given to the first free burghers in the Liesbeek Valley in order to develop farms. It was not long before the fertile, productive and cultivable farmland of the Koeberg attracted the attention of grain and cattle farmers. LangeRug was established in 1761 by Hendrik Mostert.

In 1935 my great-grandfather, Christiaan Coenraad van der Merwe bought the farm from the Dumminy brothers for my grandparents, Andries and Non van der Merwe. In 1961, my parents (Chris and Evangeline) took over the management of the farm. Since 1991 LangeRug Farm is owned by The CC van der Merwe Family Trust.

LangeRug’s farmyard is considered one of the best in conservation circles. It is with great pride that we share this part of our family’s history. My wish is to constantly deliver great service to all our clients.